(Pay What You Want!)

“Has the potential to become a real cult hit. It is witty, sarcastic, and well-written, as well as enjoying high production values.”Sophie Brown,
“If this were on Radio 4, it would be one of the better offerings.”Sci-Fi Pudding
“The production values are excellent. Recommended.”Many A True Nerd
“Brilliant” – Pete Dillon-Trenchard (standup comedian)
“Bloody brilliant” – Sam Clements (Picturehouse Podcast)

Thrown together by a combination of time, fate and administrative error, accountant Eric Street, genius inventor Professor Miles Wanderlust and temporal enforcement agent Nina Seventeen find themselves stuck in the past with a broken time machine – and worse, stuck with each other. Cursed to jump randomly through human history, and pursued by Oscar Quantum, a bumbling temporal enforcer who’s never been that good with dates, the trio blunder their way through a variety of historical settings, trying not to cause too much damage and hoping that they’ll eventually make it back to the future – assuming there’s still a future left when they get there!

A BRIEF HISTORY OF TIME TRAVEL is a six episode radio-style sitcom – on the internet. Funded via Kickstarter crowdfunding in late 2012, the series is an independent production by writer/directors Seb Patrick and James Hunt.

The series stars Jon Shaw, Joanna Eliot, Henry Imbert, Ian Symes and special guest Robert Llewellyn.

The six episodes are available in our online store on a pay-what-you-like basis (minimum fee £0.01 for boring technical reasons), but you can also choose to get the Complete Package, containing a vast array of bonus material as well as the eps themselves, for just £5.99.

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